Carolyn Towers     Original Art
Original paintings 
Please aware that when paintings are photographed for the internet, the colours may not appear as good as the original.  So I would like to reassure you that the real thing is far better than the photograph you see here!!


Happy Henry

Hilda - SOLD

Esmerelda - SOLD

Nosey Cow

I'm ready boys....! (REDUCED)

Mad Hare (REDUCED)

Over here boys..! (REDUCED)

Splashed Hare - (SOLD) Limited Edition prints available

A moo in the dark.. SOLD

You Moo'd? - SOLD

Out of the Shadows

Hare Apparent.. - SOLD

Fancy a Shag?.... SOLD (Limited Edition Prints available)

Christmas Duck - SOLD

Christmas Camel - SOLD

Party Owl

Christmas Hare - SOLD

Christmas Owl - SOLD

Blondie - SOLD

Did you Moo?... (SOLD) Only 1 Limited Edition Print Remaining

Sploshy, Happy Pig.. (SOLD) Limited Edition Prints SOLD OUT

This way boys... SOLD (Limited Edition prints available)

Up you get then!... SOLD (Only 1 Limited Edition print remaining)

Over here.... I'm really well behaved... honest!! SOLD (Limited Edition Prints available)

Hare Alert (SOLD) Limited Edition Prints SOLD OUT

Hide and Seek


Star Gazing


Roly Poly - SOLD

Strolling.. - SOLD

Not amused... SOLD

Dyed Hare (SOLD))


Scruffy Hare SOLD

Ginger Hare SOLD

Camouflaged - SOLD

Pig Fancier SOLD

Saucy Susie - SOLD

Houdan Too - SOLD

Hare Dye SOLD (Limited Edition prints Available)

You hooting at me?! SOLD

Portrait of an African Bull Elephant (REDUCED)

Delilah SOLD (Limited Edition Prints available)

Waiting for dinner.. SOLD

Is it edible...? SOLD

Bonnie Moo SOLD (Limited Edition Prints available)

Fancy a guiness? - SOLD

Candyfloss - SOLD

Eye Spy SOLD (Limited Edition Prints available)

Blue rinsed hare.... SOLD

Fifi - SOLD (Limited Edition Prints available)

Splashed Cat - SOLD (Limited Edition Prints- SOLD OUT)

Big Hare Day - SOLD

I have to eat what?!!... - SOLD

Herbert - SOLD

Fabulous Fiona.. - SOLD

Glorious Gloria - SOLD

Prima Ballerina - SOLD

Pas des Deux - SOLD

Stag in a Storm - SOLD

Connie Coo - SOLD

Poppies - GIFTED